Silver Dollar City Refund: 
*This note comes from the service center regarding refund checks*

The Business Office has requested that you cash or deposit your check by May 31, 2022.


Centennial Bank is the bank that the District uses. Centennial has said they will cash your check but you must be prepared with the following:


·         Student must take their photo ID to the bank

·         Student needs to sign the back of the check

·         Student must be accompanied by their parent/guardian who must also show their photo ID

·         Bank will cash the check


Centennial Bank is located at:

4625 Old Greenwood Road

5801 Rogers Avenue


Please note that replacement checks will not be issued if this check is lost or not cashed by August 31, 2022

*PLEASE come to Ramsey to pick up your check by the end of this week. 

Also, If you have not done so, please bring your uniform back to the choir room! If you do not, you will be added to the delinquent fees list. 

Thank you, 

Mr. Lee and Ms. Sattazahn