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What is Choir?

  The Ramsey Choir consists of over 350 students from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Many of our students participate in various other activities such as Gate, Athletics, Band, Orchestra, Drill Team, and Cheerleading. Students are not limited to one elective at Ramsey. In fact, they are encouraged to participate in multiple activities. Think of choir as a way for students to establish a group of friends and school family while learning to read music and develop their voice in a healthy way.  Choir is a Life Skills class. Music is a tool through which we teach students to become better people and more productive members of our community. Students will learn discipline, hard work, and teamwork .Through participating in choir, students will also build confidence and self-esteem.

What will we learn?

Students will learn to read the letter names of all notes on the staff as well as how to apply the corresponding solfege (Do-Re-Mi.)  The students will also apply Traditional Rhythm Counting to each of the various note values using counting numbers. After completing choir, most students are able to sing any simple melody put in front of them without the use of piano after only being given the first pitch of the song. Strong emphasis is placed on developing healthy tone quality throughout the student’s vocal range. 

Performance Opportunities? 

Each year all 6th grade choir members start out learning fundamentals and team-building exercises. Members of the Advanced 7th and 8th grade choirs begin the year preparing for All-Region tryouts. Students from all over the region learn the same music and then tryout on an individual basis for chairs in the All-Region Choir. Ramsey Choir is typically one of the top schools when it comes to placing students in the All-Region Choir. In December, all choirs will sing on our annual Christmas Concert. In March, the students will go to Choral Performance Assessment (Contest), and will be judged and graded as a choir on our sight-reading and performance capabilities. We end the year on a fun note with our Spring Concert in May where we perform other types of music such as pop, rock, and other styles of contemporary music. In the summer we offer an excellent choir camp experience at ACC Choir Camp. Check them out at

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