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ACC Choir Camp

The Arkansas Choral Connection (ACC) Choir Camp is held each summer during July. The camp offers choir students ages 6th grade through 12th grade a wonderful opportunity to create bonds with choral students in local programs and to further their choral music education with some of the top junior high, high school, and college choral directors from around the state. It is certainly not mandatory, but highly recommended! A consistent payment plan starting as soon as possible is a wonderful way to raise the money without making much of a sacrifice. For more information on this camp, talk to Mr. Lee, visit or visit Arkansas Choral Connection on Facebook. Information will also be posted on the Ramsey Choir Website as time draws closer. 

*Money is not collected by Ramsey OR the Ramsey Choir directors. Please send payment to the listed contact(s) on the digital flyer below or the ACC website*

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