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No matter what, we are so extremely proud of you all! 
All Region Results
Soprano 1 Even

17th Chair- Addison Binyon
22nd Chair- Myzie Intres

Soprano 1 Odd

4th Chair- Ty'Laysha Bates
16th Chair- Kaitlin Swaim
23rd Chair- Luci Minnick

Soprano 2 Even

6th Chair- Bailey Arquitt
23rd Chair- Jillian Grovenburg

Alto 1 Even

10th Chair- Sophia Nguyen 
26th Chair- Emma McClendon

Soprano 2 Odd

6th Chair- Emma Gray 
14th Chair- Zoey Harrington

Alto 1 Odd

5th Chair- Abby Rose
10th Chair- Tresanne Abdullah

Alto 2 Odd

11h Chair- Hadleigh Clifton

Tenor 1

13th Chair- Lucas Dyer 
15th Chair- Brooks Lensing
25th Chair- Luke Southerland

Tenor 2

7th Chair- Nathan Priester
10th Chair- Chris Cervantes Gonzales
12 Chair- Elijah Frazier
15th Chair- Kaden Hadley 
18th Chair- Will Bruce
21st Chair- Dalton Sherrod
23rd Chair- Cameron Humphries

Bass 1

10th Chair- Caleb Medlyn 
12th Chair- Caleb Andrews 
15th Chair- Alex Whatley 


Bass 2

1st Chair- Nicholas Ragsdale
3rd Chair- Connor McDonald 
7th Chair- Jace Pruitt

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