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This was a very difficult list to produce as everyone who auditioned did a very good job! We had limited numbers we could put into the choirs which made my job difficult. If you do not see your name on the list, PLEASE do not be discouraged. Some people who auditioned would be a great leader in Concert. When I asked if we could audition and move people earlier in the year, the answer was yes. However, after a conversation yesterday, that has changed. No 7th grader will be able to be moved from 4th period into 2nd, and we are still unsure if any 8th graders can move from 4th to 2nd as well. If you are in 7th grade and see your name below, you are automatically in Chamber for next year. 

Thank you ALL for demonstrating bravery in auditioning and please know that we are very proud of you! 

Mr. Lee/Ms. Sattazahn

Chamber Treble Results:

Arquitt, Bailey

Bouxsein, Lilly

Cockrell, Alexia

Culverson, Calli

Cummins, Richlyn

Intres, Myzie

Kohles, Victoria

Lott, Kenadee

Maldonando, Andrea

Maurer, Sophie

McClendon, Emma

Medel, Luna

Mills, Jalen

Minnick, Luci

Neissl, Abi

Rose, Abby

Settle, Rachel

Skinner, Kadence

Swaim, Kaitlyn

Sych, Maddy

Watkins, Hayden

Williamson, Zoey

Wilson, Aniyah

Yasin, Layla

Chamber Tenor-Bass Results:

Altes, Aiden

Gregory, Riley

Sanders, Shawn

White, Zachary

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