Dear Choir Parents and Students,


Below you will find a copy of the current Choir handbook (The Singer’s Packet) for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents whose kids have been in choir before will immediately notice the massive amount of changes needed to accommodate the rapidly changing environment as schools prepare to reopen. Parents whose kids are enrolled in choir for the first time should know that future years of choir and future handbooks will not look like this. The changes in the handbook will only affect the 2020-2021 School year.


As a school activity that falls under the same AAA guidelines as athletics, it is important to be prepared for our procedures and expectations to change as our guidelines are updated. The current handbook reflects what we know and requests information that we need to be able to serve our students both in person and digitally. 


We have included a copy of this year's choir calendar in hopes for a best case scenario. At this time, we have been told it is very unlikely that we will be able to have any indoor performances.

However, we wanted to include our originally planned concert schedule just in case. If at all possible, please avoid planning trips on the days performances are scheduled. If we are allowed to perform the students would be expected to attend. 


We will not be issuing or wearing choir uniforms this year. As such, we have decided to lower our participation fee to cover the cost of the choir t-shirt. Choir t-shirts are currently an optional keep-sake but will become required in the event that we are allowed to perform. My recommendation would be that each student order a t-shirt just in case. This year the students and parents will be ordering choir t-shirts digitally. Our t-shirt manufacturer has agreed to create an online order form with the capability of taking the students payments electronically. T-shirts will be mailed directly from the manufacturer to the students home mailing address. This will prevent issues with t-shirt distribution if schools transition to an all digital format. 


If we receive updated information about performances we will send out an updated and more detailed handbook. Please fill out the attached digital student/parent information form located in the handbook on the homepage of the Ramsey Choir website.This is not the t-shirt order form even though some information about t-shirts is asked. The electronic order form will be shared with the students shortly after school starts. In the past we have sent home paper handbooks. This year all documents will be available electronically. Please familiarize yourselves with this website . We will continuously upload documents and information here and on Schoology as it becomes available.